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Defend Yourselves


This is actually an idea I played around with several years ago, so when I saw these pics from the new Sea Shepherd Campaign I just had to share. How damn Rad!

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Custom Boom


So I finished the first custom Keg O’ Boom over the weekend, for Twitter friend @kikmi. He wanted me to do an “Acid Flow” type vibe with Lambo Greens. Must say it was really great to drop some paint on a Keg and it suites customising fantastically if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I am crazy busy with stuff at the moment, so this solitary shitty pic will have to do for now. Will post some decent pics asap. Let me know what you think?

Sugar, We’re Going Down


Ignore my song refrencing title (it’s all in the antlers) and check out these pieces from Sergio Saucedo. An illustrator from Mexico that has a clean, almost hipsteresque (in a good way) feeling to his pieces.

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Graf Image of the Day


Amazing Venom piece from Sekel and DarkElixir.

The full piece after the Hop:

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I’m not sure if its the cognitive tie to David Choe (a favorite of mine) that makes me like this short time lapse of a graffiti whale being thrown up or if its the ephemeral style of the finished piece or perhaps the music, but that must be the most I have enjoyed a vid in a long time, hope you enjoy it too.

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Militarized Paper


How I wish I could find the pdf layouts of this bad boy, AMAZING! Taking paper craft beyond the next level, PostlerFerguson (aka Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson) created this superbly detailed AA Canon. You can see it in deconstructed form after the hop as well as a few other equally cool paper weapons.

Check out the other awesome weapons after the hop:

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Burning Hot


This weeks illustration continues the pin-up trend here on The Given Blog, this time from Japanese artist oneQ.

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Hot Rod Paws


What an honour to get to custom as epic a piece as the Coarse Paws Raw and what a long way from my humble beginings on 3″ Dunny’s.Decided to go with simple yet bold on this piece with poping colours, but not without issue. Let me warn you, NEVER try and drop yellow onto a grey primer base, 20 coats, no jokes. But all in all great fun, so here it is “Hot Rod Paws”.

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Dunny 2012


So June 21st just got a whole lot better, as well will see the release of Dunny 2012. This looks to be one AMAZING series, how beyond RAD is that Sergio Mancini piece! Featuring 20 designs by 14 artists - with works by: Andrew Bell, Attaboy, Scribe, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno, Kronk, MAD, Mauro Gatti, Sergio Mancini, Nakanari, Pac23, Tara McPherson, and Triclops Studio. And as well there is an exclusive Dunny by SUCKLORD with the purchase of a case pack (so that’s another snap to look out for).

A Few Previews after the Hop:

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Soft Illustrated Pin-Ups


I feel there is something of a visual oxymoron in these images from London based illustrator Liz Clements. The soft tones and lines created both in colour and medium seem to be in direct contrast to the heavily tattooed models within them. But you know be, pin-ups and tats, this one was always going to get featured. Enjoy!

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