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Toffie Pop Festival 2012


So this saturday I will be doing some live shoe customising at the Toffie Pop Festival in Cape Town. I am pretty amped as it will be my first time attending, I will be spending my day on the Toitoy stand paining some shoes, some come and say Hi. But thats not all folks, not even close…

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New Banksy?


So normally a new piece drops from Banksy and within minutes the world is celebrating it, so I am not sure why exactly this piece seems to have a shroud of mystery over it. No one seems to be able to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s definitely his work. Either way this is a rad piece, what do you guys think, his? Or not?

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Now I am not one for posting ads on this site, but the animation for this short which pays homage to Hunter S. Thompson and Franz Kafka is just too amazingly brilliant to let it slide. By FAR my favourite animated piece of work this year.

D*Face hits NYC!


Brit based graf artist D*Face has been rather busy in New York lately, dropping some massive murals all over the city. His pop art stylings reminicsent to Lichtenstein have both the iconic draw while still maintaining the subversive quality of street art. The three pieces are entitled; “Love Her, Hate Him”, “Handle With Care”, and “Grim Tales”

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West Coast Flavour


I am a fan of this style, so no doubt why the work of Mike Giant is so appealing to me. Those fresh clean lines, tattoo inspirtaion, chicano lettering and fine ladies. Then take a step back and learn that these are all created with Sharpies and inks, awesome.

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The Given x Play Imaginative x Disney


Okay here it is, been teasing you guys a bit over Twitter and now I can finally reveal my piece for the Play Imaginative x Disney show to be held in Singapore later this month. I was really excited to be involved with this show and doing a great old school character like Mickey was just the kicker. Check him out with his custom Helmet, Bullet Strap and Grenades. Let me know what you think.

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Makin Munny at Design Indaba


Yesterday I was given the opportunity to help Kronk host a vinyl toy customising workshop at South Africa’s Design Indaba. All I can say is thank you! Thank you to Kronk for inviting me to help host the class and thank you to Design Indaba for giving us the platform. It was a rich, rewarding and rad experience. Getting to meet so many people passionate about art was fantastic and getting to see them transform that passion into my favourite medium was brilliant. We have some real talent out there folks! Here’s hoping to it being even bigger and better next year.

Kronk and Myself

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Graf Image of the Day


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I have been sitting on this for a while, but I wanted to give it the attention it deserved before sharing it with you all. Skin is a short film (40min) directed by Ryan Hope. The film is dark and raw, not trying to be a glitzy portrayal of tattoos. Instead it delivers the truth as they try and investigate the possiblity of tattoos as a higher art. You need to watch this.

Kronk & The Given


So this Sunday master of all things vinyl Kronk will be hosting a Custom Toy Making Workshop at the South African Design Indaba, but whats even more awesome, is that I have been invited to give him a hand. Mind Blown? Most Certainly! Come and check us out yo!

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