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Net#work BBDO shows why South African advertising is regarded amongst the best in the world with this billboard for Mercedes Benz. The billboard was put up at the entrance to OR Tambo International to showcase the BlueEFFICIENCY technology of their new cars. What started as a simple premise, soon revealed something far more ingenious.

See the result after the hop:

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The Iron Tiger


I actually finished this piece a while ago and then decided to save it as a surprise for the Lost&Found show which was last Thursday. I just realised now that I subsequently forgot to share it with everyone else… So without further a due. Be sure to click for the full size image :)

Let me know what you think… Oh and if you are new around here then you can see the other pieces in the series here

This is Why!


I love art, that’s no secret. I started this blog so that I could share not only my own stuff but also the stuff around me that inspires me to keep improving. This video, which I came across this morning is the very essence of this, from digital artist Dei Gaztelumendi. Watching this makes me want to sit and draw all day just to see if I can recreate something with so much magic. Beautiful.

You can see the video after the hop:

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College Deck


Wish we had cool assignments like this when I was in college… “I Baralho Esdiano” is the premier collective playing card deck designed entirely by students of ESDI/UERJ in Rio de Janeiro. What started out as a fun extra assigment has turned into something brilliant. The cards were randomly assigned to each of the 54 unique participants and after four weeks the designs were turned in. The only rules were legibility, the presence of black and red and the dimensions of 88×63mm. After a period of three months a limited edition of 300 was produced. Very Cool Stuff

Check out some of the Cards after the Hop:

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Tattoo Age: Freddy Corbin Parts 2&3


Been real crazy with work lately and seem to have completely missed Part 2 of the Freddy Corbin Series. The good news at least is that you now get a double dose. Part 2 below with Part 3 after the hop.

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Mcbess x Nissan


I have been following Mcbess for the last few years now and this must be his biggest success yet. Awesome that Nissan let him keep his complete design integrity, often these big company collabs can go very wrong, but this ad for the Qashqai is fantastic!

Lost and Found Urban Exhibition


NewCLR and BAM BAM are proud to present the “Lost + Found’ Urban Exhibition. The event will take place on 24th November 2011 at the NewCLR Gallery at 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, JHB from 5-10pm. With Posters and Tee’s/Fabric from some of South Africa’s hottest artists on display, including the likes of Kronk, Bruce Cowie, Harukami and The Given. That’s right folks, I’m going to have some prints up for grabs at the show, including one never before seen piece entitled “The Iron Tiger”. So if you love art and design or just want to be one of the cool kids then get your ass to the show!

You can check out some more details after the hop, as well as catch a sneak preview of my new print:

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Graf Image of the Day


Over the past few years on this site I have featured some pretty awe inspiring graf art, but this one just feels different, something about it seems to stand out and I have to feel like this is among the best I have ever seen. The piece was created by Montreal street art collective A’shop, it stands 5 storeys high, has over 50 colours and took around 500 cans to drop. Beautiful.

See the Process after the hop:

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That must be the word to be describe these pieces from Yury Ustsinau, simply striking! Proof that a simple elegance and control of technique and create fantastic imagery.

More after the hop:

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The Return of Lora Zombie


I just came to a realisation, Lora Zombie is probably the most featured artist on this blog outside of my own art, with this being her 4th appearance on the site. I guess that means I have subconsciously become quite a fan, then again that’s hardly surprising, her work is beautiful. The pieces just seem so free and full of exuberance.

More after the hop:

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