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Tentacled Teaser


Here is a poster I designed for an upcoming show I am taking part in, this is just a teaser for now, with more details to follow closer to the time, but trust me, this is going to be HUGE!

OneSmallSeed Selected Creatives


I was just chosen as a “Selected Creative” by OneSmallSeed Magazine. For those that don’t know, OneSmallSeed is a locally produced, international Design Magazine. I am one of 10 Selected Creative’s, which will see the top three getting published in the magazine in the next issue. This contest is held once a year and I was selected out of over 5400 hopefuls. I am beyond EXCITED right now, I have been putting a lot of energy into the series that got me the spot and it is great to receive some more recognition.

You can see the other selected creative’s here: and also check out the mini mag they produced for me. Yea thanks for sharing in this with me and if you like my pieces please can you vote for me at the bottom of the page, Oh and I am listed under my real name “Abe Viljoen” :)

Epic Exhibition


So down here in SA its pretty rare that we get the chance to see massive international artists involved in exhibitions, so when I saw the new show at 34 FineArt entitled “Outside” I literally gushed with excitement. With artist including the likes of Banksy, D*Face and Shepard Fairey I cant wait to check it out. These are the guys that influenced me as a young designer many years ago. Then throw in a few pieces from Mr Brainwash and I am definitely there! The Show is on until 19th Nov at 34 FineArt

I’m not gonna post any more of the work, cos you have to go see this for yourself!

Graf Image of the Day


Some crazy detail in this piece from Da Mental Vaporz’s Crew in France.

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Kinsey Goes Big


There are very few artists who influenced my style in an as direct manner as David Kinsey, so naturally I am a fan of this massive mural he recently put up in LA to promote his upcoming show at Joshua Linear Gallery.

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Tattoo Age: Mike Rubendall Part 2


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Who is Lenny?


I just got a nice little press drop for this short documentary about the See No Evil street art project in Bristol, and the wider graff movement in general. It features interviews and work from Kashink, Tats Cru, El Mac, Nick Walker and more. 72 Artist, 13 000 Cans and Years of Inspiration.

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Soey Milk


Found a few great pieces from the unusually named Soey Milk. Soey uses a combination of hand techniques and clearly she is a very talented girl. Inspiration at its finest on a Monday morning.

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(Not So)Super Hero’s


These “illustrations” from Anthony Lister, have something very brutal about them, something vivid and sincere. They seem to remind me of the movie “Super” where comic book hero’s fall, from the stereotypical icons we have created to something much more real.

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Tattoo Age: Mike Rubendall Part 1


Feel Like I have been waiting forever for the new episode of Tattoo Age to come out. Well never fear it is here! This instalment goes behind the scenes with Mike Rubendall. Enjoy!

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