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Even More Tyre Art


About a year and a half ago I cam across an artist that was using old tyres to create incredible sculptures. At the time I could only find the stuff on a Russian site and unfortunately I couldn’t get any info out of the article. Well now I can reveal that these amazing pieces are from a Korean artist Yong Ho Ji, I can get over how brilliantly every muscle is captured from what must be one of the most difficult mediums imaginable.

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Graf image of the Day


Unknown artist and location.

Tattoo Age Part 2&3


So when I posted up the first episode of Tattoo Age, it would seem I didn’t quite get the premise. While that was part one, it wasn’t quite episode 1. It would seem they have broken then into parts and today I can share part 2 and 3 of episode 1 of the Dan Santoro and the Smith Street Parlour. Enjoy

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Custom MAD*L for the ToiToy Show


Finally I can let the cat out the bag and show the work I did on my custom for the Toitoy custom show.  The title for my piece is “The Golden Age” and is supposed to be all about old school, who remembers when TV’s still had that wood look?. The customs will be on display from the 2nd of August at the Toitoy Shop and then will be made available on the ToiToy website on Saturday the 6th of August at 10H00 ( GMT +2  ).

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Candy Inside?


Here is something a little different a series of twenty vans based on Vandura, Chevy, and Econoline Chateau vans which were documented in Brooklyn, New York. Created with  Oil and silkscreen on panels by Kevin Cry. What’s even cooler is that these were then made as real die cast miniatures. Very Cool.

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Old School


This project from Zim and Zou is impressive, even if only for the reason of the sheer patience behind each piece. Fun and playful the project carries a delightful reminiscence of yesteryear.

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If I could be any where in the world right now, I would be at the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately I am stuck on the other side of the earth, at least the interwebs does a good job of shrinking global distance, so we can live vicariously through our digital connections. Having said that, enjoy this selection of toys from SDCC.

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Graf Image of the Day


Came across a graf artist that I haven’t heard of before, but I am positive this wont be the last time I see his stuff. The level of talent from artist SmugOne is great, in fact its so brilliant the Graf Image of the Day is now several images…

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Blow your Mind


In terms of technique there hasn’t really been anything new in the graf world in quite sometime. Expect for one man, Vhils, as far as I am aware Vhils is the only guy using explosives as a medium right now and I gotta say I love it. Watching the video is process is as perfect as the uncontrollable result, beautiful.

Tattoo Age Episode 1


The first Episode of Tattoo Age is out, and shows us an interesting albeit short look into the life of the Smith Street Tattoo Parlor with the focus on artist Dan Santoro. The show is elegantly shot and the soundtrack is both subtle and mesmerising. Its really great to see a humble tat show with the emphasis on the work. I cant wait for episode 2.

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