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First Person Graffiti


There are many great things about this video from “I Love Graffiti”, the opening sets the mood perfectly, the cuts are precisely timed and the music builds beautifully. Throw some quality graf work in there and you have a great little vid. I recommend his others videos in this series as well.

3D Drips


There is just something about these works from Peeta EAD RWK, a certain quality that draws me in, every angle is mesmerising, while the colours are soft and alluring. Created in mixed media on canvas, these pieces are certainly an impressive feat.

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Graf image of the Day


From Yok, location unknown.

Banksy for Tox


The British Transport Authority recently had a major crack down of graffiti in London town in specialised operations. The result was the arrest of 5 prominent London artists, including TOX. Banksy was quick to put up this piece in Tox’s hometown of Camden, as an act of support in what is likely to become a lengthy legal battle.

Banksy of Bulgaria


You gotta have balls to deface a Russian Army memorial in a former Soviet block country, no wonder this anonymous artist has been dubbed the Banksy of Bulgaria. Fantastic!

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Selling Out?


A contentious issue sure, but one I couldn’t help but ponder over again this morning when I saw Blek Le Rats newest street art offering. Blek Le Rat is the godfather of the stencil art scene and without him we probably wouldn’t have masters such as Banksy, so when I saw that Blek’s new piece was commissioned and payed for by Hugo Boss, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Is he selling out against everything that street art stands for? Or is he simply an artist trying to make a career of his chosen path? What do you guys think?



Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor is a cool guy, while he is best known for his rad music, many of you may not know that he is also an extremely talented graphic artist and painter. He was involved in the creation of many of his bands cover art, but for now check out these awesome deck designs from his recent “Glorious Excess (Dies)” exhibition.



A few years back I saw some creepy creature illustrations from Zenviroments, this time round these pieces from him seem to suit exactly how I feel today…. Enjoy!

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Tiny Squalor


Everyone give a big thank you to German street artist EVOL, it’s thanks to him that we get to enjoy this fresh little street art series. These tiny buildings started popping up all over Berlin and have recently started spreading around the rest of Europe. Using a combination of wheat paste and stencil, EVOL seems to capture the feeling of the urban slum with such empathy and emotive prowess that I cant help but marvel in how beautiful their filth is.

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Photo’s Illustrated


I am loving these images from self taught Brazilian artist Douglas Alves, great quality of line which brings out a real exuberance in the works.

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