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Graf of the Day


You can always count on JR to go large, this time in LA.

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Banksy in LA


Amazing Pen Art (Possibly NSFW)


Talent. This guy pretty much invented the word, the attention to detail is beyond impressive and the technique is flawless. Meet Fernando Pradilla, the man with what seems to be a lot of time on his hands, I can only imagine how long these must take. There are a whole bunch of pics after the hop, but beware, some of it may be nsfw, even if it is art.

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Volvo Art Sessions


Even More Banksy


So you can prob expect quite a few Banksy posts over the next few days as he tears up Hollywood. Loving it! Click to make it Bigger.

Banksy is BACK


Few things in the art world make me quite as happy as waking up to find some new Banksy pieces have surfaced. This time the pieces have surfaced in Hollywood. Maybe Banksy is preparing his next Mr Brainwash fiasco….?

Beautifully Haunting


Found this short video, which is quite simply beautifully haunting.


Tron Dunny


So there have been a few Tron inspired customs over the last while, but this is definitely my favourite. By Arturo Ramirez.

I Want Your Munny


So last night I took a swing by the “I Want Your Munny” custom show at ToiToys new premises in Kloof Street. First off I have to tip my hat to Earl Fischhoff owner of the shop for setting it up, its so good to see the local scene doing well. Secondly I have to mention the custom from Daniel Ting Chong, man alive this guy seriously knocked it out the park with by far the highest quality custom I have ever seen. Beyond RAD! The show is on until the 17th so make sure you get down there and check it.

Check out some of the customs and pics from the even after the hop:

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