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Something cool from “FANFICTION”.

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El Panadero


Behold my third custom vinyl toy. This time it comes in the shape of a 4″ Mini Munny. I have had this blank Munny sitting on my desk for a long time so I am glad I finally got to it, it was a pretty rough process as I had some streaks of bad luck. But all in all I am happy with how it turned out. Just wish the pics did it justice…

Check out the custom after the hop:

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The ShapeShifter


This animated clip from Charlex is quite simply stunning, amazing, beautiful and mesmerising all at once, complimented by the seducing voice of Gabriel Byrne this has just earned itself a spot amongst my favourites.

ShapeShifter from Charlex on Vimeo.

Books, not just for Reading…


So I will admit I am not the biggest reader in the world, frankly I just cant make the time. Now this on the other hand seems more worth the effort. Pretty rad concept from Isaac Salazar.

More after the hop:

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Buff Monster - The Destroyer


To celebrate 10yrs in the business, Buff Monster is bringing an exclusive web edition of his “The Destroyer” figure. It’s limited to 99 pieces and stands 11″ tall, dropping January 20th for $110. Get while its hot, cos this one is sure to fly! Beyond Sexy!

Detail shots after the hop:

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Fashion Monsters


Over the past few years, try as I may to avoid it, I keep ending up working in the fashion industry and while I dont really subscribe to this hoity toity stuff, these illustrations are pretty rad. Illustrated by Eli Neugeboren over Dustin Cohen’s pics.

More after the Hop:

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The Last Graffiti Artist


From Mark Jenkins:

See what he was drawing after the hop:

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Messing with the Authority…


Check out what happened when this anonymous graf artist posed a simple question to his local municipality…

See what happened after the bump:

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Seen on the Streets


Seen on the streets of New York City.

A few detail shots after the hop:

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The Who - Tattoo


Legend Band, great song, siiick music video by Chris Boyle. Enjoy!


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