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A South African Warning…


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Meet Buck


Check out this fantastic animated short entitles “Meet Buck” The whole thing was created in Vectors, pretty damn Rad!

Meet Buck from TeamCerf on Vimeo.

Old School


These old school styled illustrations and tats from Marie Sena are fantastic. You can tell she has a degree in Medical Illustration and the way she pulls it through into the art is great.

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Local Awesomeness


So a while back a posted up some news about the first album from a fantastic local band known as The Plastics. I was not only blown away by the creative sound but also by the top class producing. Now I have something equally awesome! Introducing the the first music video from their debut album, this is “Caves”. Enjoy!

Seymour Bits - Put it Back Down


Cool illustrated music vid from Seymour Bits:

Dirty Deeds - Stupid People


Check out this video for Dirty Deeds “Stupid People”. Beyond Rad!

Dirty Deeds - Stupid People from Flying V on Vimeo.

New Illustrations from Craww


Some brand spanking new pieces from Craww to start your Wednesday morning!

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