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Skulls and Trucks


Ah just in time for Halloween, check out these deck skulls from designer Beto Janz. They were created as a guerilla marketing ploy for a new skateboarding shop in Brazil. The skulls were branded with stickers revealing the shops name and its new address.

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Just Plain Cool


Came across this illustration from Valistika Studios. RAD!

No More Heroes


Another shot after the hop:

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“Cut-Outs and Fade-Outs”


Check out these new pieces from Miss Bugs!

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Sun Bum Vinyl


This is pretty cool, a sunscreen company Sun Bum, decided to change their iconic gorilla logo into a vinyl figurine. Available as a 16″ tall figure and a 2.5″ keychain. Only available through Sun Bum retailers unfortunately.

Its going DOWN!


Over the last month or so we have been following the Adidas Plitpiece campaign, its been pretty damn rad and this weekend (tomorrow) it culminates with an epic party at Carfax. The party is gonna be insane with a live graffiti display by Falko One as well as skateboarding and BMX demo’s. Catch performances by 5xDMC champ and scratch legend Craze plus plenty of homegrown talent from the likes of Euphonik, Milkshake, Shaun Duvet, Sibot, Crazy White Boy, House Hold Funk, Vinni Da Vinci, Romz Deluxe, Phat Jack, DJ Soosh, Ricky H, Audio Villians and Live VJ: In da Sky’s. Don’t say we didnt warn you, do NOT miss this one!

McBess Snowboard


Ah Man, I miss snowboarding like you could not believe! Now with the new season only weeks away and this siiiick new board from McBess, I feel like breaking down and weeping. Anyone care to sponsor me a ticket to Aspen?

Another MAD Custom


Im digging these customs from MAD, what makes this even better is that I am a HUGE fan of Luck Cat’s. I want this thing!



Classic Ad from Google!

Splitpiece Round-up


Here is the last in the Splitpiece campaign from Adidas. The big party is just over a week away now, gonna be mad cool! So if you want a spot, you better get moving and hit for the details.

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