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Daily Graffiti


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Killer Panda


My fetish for Bears returns with this sick little illustration.

Daily Graffiti


Check out this awesome Captain America Zombie.

Truer Words…


Inspiring words from Stencil Artist Eddie Colla.

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Chew on this PacMan


Anyone up for a little illustration love on this lazy Wednesday afternoon? Check out these pieces from Pacman23, this guy has got some serious flair. Digging this stuff!

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She Shaves her Lip


Something about this tickled my fancy. Enjoy

We’re on a Roll…


I am proud to present my second Custom Dunny. Again this is done on a three Inch Duuny, so the details are pretty small and I was very happy with my first attempt at sculpting! I decided that the Mask should be detachable, so that you can see Frank’s Blood riddled eye. For all those living under a rock, this is from the movie Donnie Darko. What do you guys think?

Astronaught Fetish


Check out these digital paintings from Canadian Artist Derek Stenning. This guy clearly has a thing for astronaughts, but the combination of retro and modern gives a whole new feel and the atmosphere in these images are just great!

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Enkel Dika Illustration


Check out these images from Illustrator Enkel Dika, I am really digging the playful ideas and strong use of colour. This guys illustrations are pretty clever with a nice intelligent wit about them. Enjoy!

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Endangered Species


The WWF is really pushing out some excellent campaings these days, and no Im not talking John Cena. Check out these awesome tattoo type images, great art and a great message!

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