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Glimpse of Truth


Coarse is definitely amongst my favourite Vinyl Toy designers, so when I heard about their impending exhibition I knew it was gonna be epic. The good news is that its up and running, the bad news is that us Saffa’s wont get to see it as its taking place in Chicago. Great Stuff!

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Awesome McBess TimeLapse


I am a huge fan of McBess, his illustrations are drenched in pure style! Throw in a little iconic black and white with tattoo musings and I am sold! Check out this time lapse video of his latest piece, ps this is the first time we are ever posting a video, so you know its gotta be aces!

You can view the video after the hop:

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Atmospheric Illustrations


Wow! These illustrations from Nook are incredible, the sense of atmosphere is simply inspiring. His use of depth and field of vision creates an sense of emotion that you can almost feel surrounding the characters.

More amazing illustrations after the hop:

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SDCC: The Given’s Best Vinyls


So as I am sure many of you are aware, The San Diego Comic Con is currently going down and while I tried to sell all my worldly possessions to get there, sadly things didn’t quite pan out. Unfortunately I am left scouring the net for any news from this Mecca of the Vinyl Toy industry and thought I would do a round up of my favourite vinyls coming out the expo.

First Up; Jesse Hernandez’ Mictlan.

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We Want your Art!


Here at The Given we are all about the art, this blog is all about providing a platform from which designers and artists can share their work and get their name out and hopefully in the process we help them grow. So if you want some exposure on SA’s most happening art blog, then send your designs/art/illustrations/vinyls etc to subs(at) and we will make you famous.

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What if all the everyday objects around us, were made from glass? What if you dropped the soap, only for it to shatter on impact? Artist Brock Davis has created that world perfectly, observe as he shatters the world around us.

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Power and Passion


Looking at this work from Russ Mills, makes me think of a freight train hitting the canvas at 120km/h, the power and passion seems to explode from the work with great effect. It seems like we a witnessing a moment caught at full tilt as the subject is framed in its glory.

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Homer J…


Another in the series from VISEone’s Comic Stripped, this time in the form of a Smorking Labbit and playing homage to our favourite disfunctional family The Simpsons. Another great piece from VISEone and loving the sprinkles.

Electro Digital


Carrying on with today’s theme of digital manipulations, we bring you something from Craig Shileds. Cleaner than the last post and a whole lot more electro pop, these images are great in their crispness, while the colours deliver that standout factor.

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Dirty Digital


Check out these great digital pieces from Jacques Sebastian-Alton, his worn almost dirty looking style has a great warmth to it, which makes the pieces interesting to disect.

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