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New Banksy Piece


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Subversive Graffiti in NYC


From Princess Hijab

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Some Found Type


I just came across this little piece of type. I have no idea who its by unfortunately. This kind of thing seems to be in right now, playfull hand created type. Enjoy!

Our Design Department Site is up and Running!


Our beta site is finally up and running. We are currently taking on new clients, so if you have any graphic design needs feel free to contact us.
You can click HERE to visit the site and view the portfolio.

Quite Odd, But still Hot! (NSFW)


The following comes from Artist Alex Sandwell and he asks a some what weird question; what if women were made like dolls? The results are strange, he has take away what many define as the bridge to pornography, yet in my opinion the women retain their sex appeal. What do you think?

A whole bunch more after the hop:

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Atleast the Art World Benefited


So Bush wasn’t exactly the best president the world has ever seen, but atleast he kept the world of street art alive :) This piece comes from Matheus Lopes.

WIN a Death Head shirt from “a” Store.


So over here at The Given, we are all about supporting our fellow South Africans. Well this time you benefit too! Our mates over at the Onelargeprawn blog are giving away some free Tee’s courtesy of a store and Death Head T-Shirts. Want more details? Then over to Onelargeprawn blog now!

Brilliant Subversive Poster


This is without a doubt what I have always believed being an artist is all about. Not being afraid to get your hands dirty in achieving the goals of street/subversive art.

“A poster the recipient completes by revealing spot-varnished type with hands made dirty by handling the poster. This is the first of a series of posters.”

Hello Kitty on a whole New Level


Hello Kitty is an amazingly huge phenomena in China and you literally get the branding on everything. So when I saw this I just had to post on it. The innuendo attached to it is funny as well, when you consider the euphemisms for female anatomy.

Awesome Concept Graffiti


From the streets of Montevideo, Urugauy