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By Miss.EU Sonda Koes Knore Yano

Bristol - The Land of Art, Milk and Honey


So it seems everytime a piece goes up in Bristol UK, its always fantastic, just wish we could get some more Banksy though. For now check out this awseome piece from Snik.

The Given’s Competition Cap is now for Sale!


So Im sure most of you will remember that a while back The Given took some honours in a local competition where the aim was to produce a hand customised cap. Well that awesome cap is now available for you to purchase, remember that this is a once off The Given original so its sure to disappear fast. Head over here now to snap it up and a portion of the sale will also go to charity, so you get a cool piece of headwear and you do your good deed for the day!

Great Star Wars Advertising Campaign


The following images are from an advertising campaign for Disney’s MGM studios. Which pose the possible problems involved for the gang from Star Wars if the needed to use the airport in our “modern times”.
I love the one with Vader and his shoes.
Click to make them bigger!

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