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Quite times/Busy times


So I must appologise for the recent lack of activity on the blog. My life seems to be flying by at the moment with the iminent release of The Given Clothing line and at the same time the art world seems to be very quiet. So yea the combination of the two has resulted in a slow period on The Given.
So appolgies all round and hopefully we will be flying full stream again soon!

Brilliant Anti-War Street Art


This is by far one of the best street art idea’s that I have seen in a long time. Perfect execution.

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More Video Game Art


So if any of you are in the construction business and are looking at going solo, then here’s an idea that certainly outside the box!

The Given takes some Honours!


So if you have been on the blog in the past week you would have seen the requests to come and support The Given in the Artflex 2 competition at Assembly. Well the results are in and if you weren’t there, well then you missed out. The party was pretty sweet and the show by the B-Boys was just insane, with one of the guys doing some of the most radical stuff I’ve seen in a while. The art this year was on a pretty high level with some major competition being offered upand over fifty entries, in the end The Given walked away with second place. I would like to give a big thanks to all the guys from Flexfit, The Assembly and Shelflife that made this event possible. Stay tuned though as the caps will be on sale soon and I’ll post the link then, for now enjoy some pics from the night!

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More (Pimped) Art of War


So I found some more “blinging” war art type stuff. This time in the form of some paper art from Justine Smith, Im not so sure these would be very effective on an actual battlefield though. Although the grenade could work quite well in a mall in a reverse explosion kinda way. Enjoy!

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8-Bit Art - FATALITY


Back in the day the Mortal Kombat video game caused quite a lot of trouble. You see for the first time a game showed graphic blood and “fatalities” where you got to massacre your opponent in an often amusing manner. Well here is what some other classic video games would be like if they also had featured fatalities. These are courtesy of’s flickr page.

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Support The Given


So Im looking for some support again :) I have entered one of my hand-made cap designs into a competition. The comp is being held at The Assembly in Cape Town this Thursday night (For info on the event you can click here).So if you dig good art and good music then please come and show your support. Cheers and Thanks The Given.
Ps you can check the cap below!

Adidas Celebrates Grafitti in Style!


So recently while I was in USA, Adidas had this kick ass advert running, the ad featured the worlds stars (or atleast those sponsored by Adidas) having seemingly the best house party ever all to the awesome beats of Madcon’s Beggin. Well the party moved to SA recently and some awesome grafitti was had by all as Adidas celebrated their 60th birthday. I got the press release so check out the pics and who knows, maybe next time I’ll actually get invited.

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Creepy Street Art


Im not sure about the readers out there but this art freaks me out just a little. From an Artist known as Mentalgassi out of Berlin.

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Wicked Pop Art Cuckoo Clocks


I remember growing up, the old lady next door had a cuckoo clock. I loved that thing, it held a certain kind of mystery that intrigued my youthful curiousity. These modern versions however by Stefan Strumbel are just pure awesomeness. That thing would look sick anywhere in my house. Click to see them fullsize.

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