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The Art is Back for Good


So I am finally able to move forward and put my internetless behind me! Sorry to the regulars for the break, but I promise we will be back stronger than ever! To kick things off, we bring you some awesome images from Artist Kawano Takeshi. Takeshi mearly wants to warn about the dangers of global warming and The Given agree’s!
Click for full size versions.

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This Art is Hot ~ Literally!


This story really is pretty hot, hot as in this really is the latest in graffiti and hot as in “AH I’M ON FIRE!!” Apparently to be cool in graffiti circles right now requires you to risk being burnt alive. Mixing aerosol cans and an open flame was never a good idea until now, because this looks awesome!!!

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Old Bob a Patron of the Arts?


Well, I think its pretty safe to say that you would be hard pressed to find anyone willing to call Robert Mugabe a patron to the arts. But just look! Thanks to him we are getting some great new pieces on the streets. The Zim Dollar is so worthless that it is no longer worth the paper it is printed on, but it definitely gives us some great protest art.

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Down Again


So being back In South Africa definately has its drawbacks, one of which is a serious problem in being able to connect to the internet with ease :( The result is that The Given Blog may be down over the next few weeks at random times, but we will continue to do our best in bringing you the latest in design and art from around the web.

Thanks The Given

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A little bit of Awesome


Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukusawa has created these juice boxes with realistic textures that look and feel just the like the fruit inside. Pretty awesome, but I wonder if the boxes have expirey dates of their own?


Awesome Fan Art - Part 2


So in part one of “Awesome Fan Art” we featured some old school video games that had been remastered with brilliant skill. Well that post was a huge success and so we have decided to do a follow up. The recent release of Street Fighter 4 has seen a huge spike in fan art, these are some of my favourites. Click the pics to make them bigger.

More after the hop:

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A BIG Thank You


So voting for the 2009 South African Blog Awards has officially closed, so a BIG thank you for all those who voted for The Given. In other news, I am currently making the +30Hr flight back into SA from USA.
So please excuse any down time over the next few days and please bear with us as we continue to try and bring you the latest in Design, Graffiti, Art and the wonderful. Cheers and Thanks The Given.


So Im back in the country and finally starting to pull my life together. News on the Blog Awards is that unfortunately we didnt win, but hey it was an honour to be running and we think we did pretty well considering how new the blog is. So Runner Up makes us very proud!

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Giant Robots - Awesome!


Robots are cool, NO AWESOME! Now something you can find pretty much anywhere is styrofoam. So you actually have no excuse, for not having made one of these yet. That huge one is awesome!

StyroBot by Michael Salter

More Images after the hop:

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