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Sticker of the Day #13


Kung Fu Chicken Noodle seen in Boston.


The Street Corner Jesus


Street Art and Graffiti can have different effects on different people. Some admire the beauty of an unconventional art form while others sit in court and prosecute. The following piece has inspired a slightly different reaction.



The piece is by Maki105 and has New Bedford, Boston in tears, literally! Many people has spoken out at the moving nature of the work and some have even stopped to pay their respects. You can see the full story here, from the local paper

The Iconic Art of 123Klan


123Klan is made up of the Duo of artists; Scien and Klor. They have been around for a whie now and like myself started of as graffiti artists and moved to commercial design work. Their work is wonderfully iconic and has been a great source on inspiration in the past. 

Some more after the hop:

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Inflatable Street Art


This would have been pretty awesome to see in real life!

Amazing Casette Tape Art!


So technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but sometimes its the old school stuff that brings out the cool in us. These portraits made from the tape of old casettes is awesome. This must take a pretty incredible amount of patience to figure out. Weldone to the artist “Ghost in the Machine”.


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More Grass From a Can!


Once before I posted on an artist who had devised a way of making graffiti from grass. Well I have some more for you. The execution is flawless and from a distance it looks like printed type. Brilliant!

As usual their are some more detail shots after the hop:

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South Africa’s Best Design Blog!


So as many of you know last week I was asking you to please nominate the blog in The South African Blog Awards.
Well The good news is that The Given has been short listed in the top ten in the catergory “Best Design Blog”.

So now I need you to please vote for the blog to be number one.
You can either click here, on the dog above, or on the golden dog tag on the right.
Thanks the Given!

Awesome Fan Art!


300 has got to be my favourite movie’s ever and the God of War series was one of the most successful ever on the Playstation 2. So when I saw this I just had to post it. Awesome!


Click to make it bigger.

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Todays Fresh Graffiti


From “The Boombapaver” in Paris. Nice!


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Awesome Paper Art!


I know you can buy craft packs that show you how to make art in this style, but I have never seen such a clean execution before, this is taking it to a new level. This is from Russian artisit Yulia Brodskaya.


As usual more after the hop:

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