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Porcelain Skulls


Every now and then I come across something a little different, something that doesnt quite fit and yet is screaming out to be posted. These pieces from Katsuyo Aoki are beyong exceptional, crafted from porcelain, one can only wonder where you would even begin with something so incredibly intricate.

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Gears of War


So it would seem McBess is a fan of the series… EPIC!

The Future is NOW.


The first time I watched this video, I thought it was totally unbelievable, I thought maybe it was a “what if” or “imagine if” video. Turns out its already able to order, shit just got real and my wish list just got longer.

The Wacom Inkling:

This thing seems to have some crazy potential, but then also some serious limitations, such as the inability to erase while drawing. I would love to hear your thoughts on it…

You can get more details here

Fresh from The Given


Been carrying on with my Iron Animals series, so I thought I would share some new pieces with everyone. Really been enjoying this style and think I will keep it going for a while longer. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts… Oh and I have included the original pieces at the end of the post so that you can see the progression. Enjoy.
Oh and be sure to click them bigger to see the detail!

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Aint got Ish on This!


So you reckon you work in a cool office? Got some cool trinkets and some interesting art on the walls? Well you aint got shit on this guy… Discover the office of Mark Parker chairman of Nike. This one office looks like it accounts for 50% of the worlds awesome collectables. Check out some of the epic pieces after the hop.

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Stopmotion Like Never Before


Well technically not really stopmotion, more of a flipbook, but still this is definitely a first. Created for MTV Brasil showing the progress of modern music.

Against the Grain


It’s times like these that I wish I was still in the States… Come the 6th of Mat San Francisco will see the sure to be brilliant “Against the Grain” skate deck exhibition featuring the works of Hyrdro74, Munk One, Julie West and 123Klan. I have seen a few examples of what Hyrdo74 is working on, but this time we focus on the iconic works of 123Klan. Too Rad!

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The Birth of a Spraycan


Every now and again I like to post something a little different up on the blog and this certainly fits the mould. When I was a kid I always enjoyed those “How it’s Made” shows on TV, so I thought this little vid from Montana was pretty cool. Sometimes we forget what is behind the tools of our trade, and sometimes that process in itself can be called an art. Enjoy!

Epic Customs


Teddy Troopers are definitely among my favourite vinyls toys ever and I am pretty sure these customs just made it to the Hall of Fame!

All Decked Out


I really love skatedeck art and these pieces from Rudy-Jan Faber are no exception. I would love to have a couple of these hanging on my wall. Beautiful!

Check out some detail shots after the hop:

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