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How it all Went Down


So over the last while you would have seen me mention the Toitoy X Puma custom show and I must say the event didnt disapoint. The turn out was great and the atmosphere even better, had fun meeting some of the other artists and was awesome to get lots of great feed back on my pieces. Check out my completed set below and you can see the rest after the hop.

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Sticker of the Day


Woah I havent posted a “Sticker of the Day” in a loooong time. So take this… BOOM!

All in the Detail


I have been holding onto this for a while now, but wanted to make sure I had the time to put up the proper post the guy deserved. This illustrator goes by the name of HR-FM and I seriously haven’t been this impressed in a long time, it’s unique, its fresh and something about it just feels real… Loving it! Be sure to click these bigger people, def worth it!

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The Given…


Sweet deal! Its not often I find myself with free time on my hands and its even more seldom that I get to spend that free time drawing! So here is something from The Given! Drawn the good old way with pen and paper before going into vectors. Actually the first time I have done something like this in vector so I am pleased with the outcome.

You can click for the hi-res.
Let me know what you guys think.

Epic Wall Mural


Now this is what you call street art! Brought to you by the guys from ThunderBlog, the piece is a combination of a wheatpaste (The Background), which was then white washed and then re-illustrated using, hand painted enamels, markersm brushes and mop tops.

Hit the Jump to see Progress and Detail Shots:

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Stickers, Stickers, Stickers…


Its been quite some time since my last “Sticker of the Day” post, so hopefully this will make up for it. This plethora of stickers are from the recent Sticker Phiends exhibition held in Phoenix Arizona. Enjoy :)

Tons more after the hop:

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Sticker of the day #14


Sticker of the Day #13


Kung Fu Chicken Noodle seen in Boston.


Sticker of the Day #11


This one is from Buddy Lembek out of Ohio USA.

Sticker of the Day #10


Its getting harder and harder to find good street stickers and then I found this beauty from an unknown artist out of Chicago.

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