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The Taming of the Beasts


It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for rhino’s in my art, they are truly amazing beasts and the radical surge in poaching over the last few years have seen them gain some prominance in the art scene in general. Few people could have done better justice to a graf piece for the big guys than Faith47 and what better setting than Shanghai.

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Graf Image of the Day


Check out these conceptual installation pieces from “Lambchop” a Michigan based designer and artist. While not your traditional graffiti, this one gains a worthy mention with a healthy dose of subversive street art style.

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Olympic Banksy


Banksy takes gold with these two new Olympian inspired pieces, arriving just in time for the opening ceremony on Friday. Brilliant as usual.

A Free State of Creativity


The below is a video promoting Mr Brainwashes latest project. Set to be unveiled on August the 1st, I must say it has me curious. It also has me wondering if perhaps he shall reveal himself as Banksy’s greatest parody. That last image in the clip certainly points to Banksy in a big way, what do you guys think?

Defend Yourselves


This is actually an idea I played around with several years ago, so when I saw these pics from the new Sea Shepherd Campaign I just had to share. How damn Rad!

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Containing Banksy


Arguably the most famous graffiti artist to ever lift a spray can, Banksy seems to often find himself in a difficult spot. Whether it’s the numerous (fake)copies of his work available for purchase in any market in London, or people knocking down walls to get hold of his originals, the price for his anonymousity is that others profit from his work on a daily basis. In a now bizarre turn of events the subversive artist who would get buffed out instantly to quell his political statements, is now not only supported by the Government he opposes, but protected by it as well.

See above the protective casing for Banksy’s latest piece.

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I have been sitting on this for a while, but I wanted to give it the attention it deserved before sharing it with you all. Skin is a short film (40min) directed by Ryan Hope. The film is dark and raw, not trying to be a glitzy portrayal of tattoos. Instead it delivers the truth as they try and investigate the possiblity of tattoos as a higher art. You need to watch this.

Duchamp was Here!


I dont think a single piece of graf has brought as big a smile to my face in a long time, it may be a little obscure, but damn it’s brilliant!

Graf Image of the Day


Unknown artist and location.

Patrick & Patrick


The Two Patricks whom make up the street art colab FAILE, give us a little insight into their though process, with this short but compelling little documentory.

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