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Drone Support


So after a three month hiatus after the birth of my second child, I am back with the “Sonic Support Drone” and in so the completion of the Drone Series. I have really enjoyed this set of customs and each has evolved one step more than the lost with the Sonic Support Drone being the most tailored piece yet. Check out all the pics after the hop and let me know what you think.

They are up for Sale HERE

See more shots after the hop as well as a group shot!

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Part 2


Check out the follow up piece in my new series, entitled “Ground Support Drone #04″. I am loving this new exploration, It’s so different for me, but I am really enjoying it. This piece has evolved a bit in that the model kit was completely hacked apart. Very little is stock on the piece, for example the chest motor housing is made of about 15 different pieces that were cut and hacked together. Let me know what you think…?

More after the hop:

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A New Direction


So I had this idea floating in my head for several months, with bits and pieces of it lying around my studio… Well finally I can show off “Test Device #02″. A new direction from my usual graf influence, but one I am certainly glad I pursued and this will be the first in a series, so more to come. Let me know what you think.

More pics after the hop:

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Caps Lock?


So this Friday is my last day at work for a little under a month, Rad I know! In my time off I have a few things I need to get to, one of which is the massive stack of blank caps I have lying around. I will be painting them all up they will be up for sale in the new year so stay pealed. Here is the first done and dusted.

The Walking Dead


I have been wanting to get to this for a long, LONG time. A friend gave me a Simpsons blindboxed figure, and I have to be honest “Carl” is probably one of the most boring vinyl figures I have ever seen. But I knew he was destined for greater things and this week I finally got around to it… Zombiefied Carl, complete with fully sculpted brain and ribs. Let me know what you think!

Full 360′ View after the Hop:

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The Taming of the Beasts


It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for rhino’s in my art, they are truly amazing beasts and the radical surge in poaching over the last few years have seen them gain some prominance in the art scene in general. Few people could have done better justice to a graf piece for the big guys than Faith47 and what better setting than Shanghai.

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“Street” Art


Definitely a new take on street art… every year the small Swiss ski village of Vercorin asks artists to come and create art during the summer. Art that encompasses the whole village and puts a modern spin on the otherwise rustic setting. Love it!

More after the hop:

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What a RAD idea for a tattoo! I definitely need to come up with something like this. The tat belongs to one Megan Orsi, a Sr. Lead Web Designer from the States.

Illustration Wednesday


Check out these pieces from artist/designer Huebucket, who as far as I can figure out works out of Thailand…

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Graf Image of the Day


Check out these conceptual installation pieces from “Lambchop” a Michigan based designer and artist. While not your traditional graffiti, this one gains a worthy mention with a healthy dose of subversive street art style.

A few more after the hop:

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