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Tattoo Age: Valarie Vargas Part 3


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Tattoo Age: Valarie Vargas Part 2


Enjoy the second instalment from Valarie Vargas.

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Tattoo Age: Season 2 Valerie Vargas Part 1


The new season of Tattoo Age is finally here, we start of with Valerie Vargas. Enjoy.

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A Free State of Creativity


The below is a video promoting Mr Brainwashes latest project. Set to be unveiled on August the 1st, I must say it has me curious. It also has me wondering if perhaps he shall reveal himself as Banksy’s greatest parody. That last image in the clip certainly points to Banksy in a big way, what do you guys think?



I’m not sure if its the cognitive tie to David Choe (a favorite of mine) that makes me like this short time lapse of a graffiti whale being thrown up or if its the ephemeral style of the finished piece or perhaps the music, but that must be the most I have enjoyed a vid in a long time, hope you enjoy it too.

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Now I am not one for posting ads on this site, but the animation for this short which pays homage to Hunter S. Thompson and Franz Kafka is just too amazingly brilliant to let it slide. By FAR my favourite animated piece of work this year.



After the rave response to “Drive” I must say I was left a little disappointed in the movie which just seemed to try to hard at times. This super short fan tribute from Tom&Bruno however hits all the right notes and actually makes me feel better about my experience with the movie.

This is Why!


I love art, that’s no secret. I started this blog so that I could share not only my own stuff but also the stuff around me that inspires me to keep improving. This video, which I came across this morning is the very essence of this, from digital artist Dei Gaztelumendi. Watching this makes me want to sit and draw all day just to see if I can recreate something with so much magic. Beautiful.

You can see the video after the hop:

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Tattoo Age: Freddy Corbin Parts 2&3


Been real crazy with work lately and seem to have completely missed Part 2 of the Freddy Corbin Series. The good news at least is that you now get a double dose. Part 2 below with Part 3 after the hop.

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Mcbess x Nissan


I have been following Mcbess for the last few years now and this must be his biggest success yet. Awesome that Nissan let him keep his complete design integrity, often these big company collabs can go very wrong, but this ad for the Qashqai is fantastic!

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