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The Last Kick Flip


Not so long ago we featured the Seven Skate Deck Totem Pole from Pale Horse, it was a seriously rad piece, now the man is back with more brilliance with his “Last Supper” Series. Would love to have something like this on my wall!

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Fresh from The Given


Here is something I have been working on recently… It’s very different from my usual style, but I am liking how its looks so far. The next pieces will probably have some form of illustrated component over the digital pieces as well. Created exclusively in Photoshop. Be sure to let me know what you think! Oh and make sure you click them bigger, these piece are all in the detail :)

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Fresh Illustration


Check out these fresh Illustrations from Francis Kmiecik a.k.a. Halfanese, an American illustrator working out of West Hollywood. Loving the strong colour in these pieces, feels very free flowing and alive.

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3D Rock n Roll


Here is something a little different for a change, some bad-ass character designs in a polished 3D look.  The German based Mark Gmehling certainly brings a unique style, I’m loving the street cred style rock n roll that exudes from these pieces.

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Rad new Coke Ad


I love the way coke ads have gone over the last few years and this isnt the first time I am posting a coke ad. The CGI is just supurb.


The ShapeShifter


This animated clip from Charlex is quite simply stunning, amazing, beautiful and mesmerising all at once, complimented by the seducing voice of Gabriel Byrne this has just earned itself a spot amongst my favourites.

ShapeShifter from Charlex on Vimeo.

Wednesday Cool


From “Hidden Moves”.

The New Gorillaz Music Vid?


Check this out, rumoured to be the storyboards for the new vid from The Gorillaz “Rhinestone Eyes”. Damn I love these guys, Jamie Hewlett you are a KING!

Fatoe - The Works of Mike Orduna


I have been a fan of this guys work for a long time and I actually thought I had shared it with you all before… Pretty beautiful stuff.

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All Decked Out


Nothing like some nice 7-ply Canadian Maple to brighten up your day, I have always thought that the skateboard deck is one of the best mediums for true unrestricted design. Enjoy this collection of decks from around the interwebs.

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