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Defend Yourselves


This is actually an idea I played around with several years ago, so when I saw these pics from the new Sea Shepherd Campaign I just had to share. How damn Rad!

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The Iron Cobra


Here is my latest in the Iron Animal Series, The Iron Cobra. I also finally got around to recording my entire process, something I had been wanting to do for quite sometime. You can see the final image below and the time lapse after the hop, let me know what you think. Oh and be sure to click on that sucker to make it bigger :)

Time Lapse after the hop:

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This is Why!


I love art, that’s no secret. I started this blog so that I could share not only my own stuff but also the stuff around me that inspires me to keep improving. This video, which I came across this morning is the very essence of this, from digital artist Dei Gaztelumendi. Watching this makes me want to sit and draw all day just to see if I can recreate something with so much magic. Beautiful.

You can see the video after the hop:

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Fresh from The Given


I have been more than a little swamped lately, so I was stoked to get this latest piece in the Iron Animal Series out. This piece was commissioned by a local buyer and will be hanging on his wall soon. Let me know what you think of this one, personally, I think it’s my favourite piece in the series so far.PS be sure to check it out at full size, definitely worth it…

Illustrated Friday


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, was sick and then work just got insane. A little time freed up earlier so I though I would share some of these awesome illustrations from the Hanuka Brothers. First time I have seen a sibling pair working together like this, it must be awesome, double the talent and double the amount of output able art.

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The Future is NOW.


The first time I watched this video, I thought it was totally unbelievable, I thought maybe it was a “what if” or “imagine if” video. Turns out its already able to order, shit just got real and my wish list just got longer.

The Wacom Inkling:

This thing seems to have some crazy potential, but then also some serious limitations, such as the inability to erase while drawing. I would love to hear your thoughts on it…

You can get more details here

Fleeting Moments


I saw these images the other day and was immediately drawn to them, I love the kind of ephemeral, fleeting feeling in them, yet I only just realised that I had featured this artists work on two previous occasions (here and here POSSIBLY NSFW). These new pieces from Alberto Seveso are equally rad!

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Photo’s Illustrated


I am loving these images from self taught Brazilian artist Douglas Alves, great quality of line which brings out a real exuberance in the works.

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Fresh from The Given


Been carrying on with my Iron Animals series, so I thought I would share some new pieces with everyone. Really been enjoying this style and think I will keep it going for a while longer. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts… Oh and I have included the original pieces at the end of the post so that you can see the progression. Enjoy.
Oh and be sure to click them bigger to see the detail!

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Gaming Throwback


So while Goldfish isnt always my bag of chips in the music scene, they do have some pretty decent chill tunes and hitting up one of their outdoor concerts on a lazy Sunday afternoon is always rad…however not as RAD as this new music video for “We Come Together”. Awesome homage to some classic games!

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