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Graf Image of the Day


From what I can tell this is by an artist called NERD somewhere in Europe.

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Graf Image of the Day


Amazing Venom piece from Sekel and DarkElixir.

The full piece after the Hop:

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I’m not sure if its the cognitive tie to David Choe (a favorite of mine) that makes me like this short time lapse of a graffiti whale being thrown up or if its the ephemeral style of the finished piece or perhaps the music, but that must be the most I have enjoyed a vid in a long time, hope you enjoy it too.

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Graf Image of The Day


Hulk smash in London Town.

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Containing Banksy


Arguably the most famous graffiti artist to ever lift a spray can, Banksy seems to often find himself in a difficult spot. Whether it’s the numerous (fake)copies of his work available for purchase in any market in London, or people knocking down walls to get hold of his originals, the price for his anonymousity is that others profit from his work on a daily basis. In a now bizarre turn of events the subversive artist who would get buffed out instantly to quell his political statements, is now not only supported by the Government he opposes, but protected by it as well.

See above the protective casing for Banksy’s latest piece.

Continue reading my thoughts after the hop:

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Rest In Piece


With my natural afinity to graffiti and my love for the Beastie Boys, this brilliant homage from artist AROE was always going to find a spot on the blog. Absolutely quality work as a tribute to MCA and a nice homage to their debut album License to Ill.

Detail shots after the hop:

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Not your Everyday Tattoo


I just got a new addition to my tat artist wish list… Peter Aurisch. Damn! How amazing is the guys stuff? It’s so nontraditional, a whole new style, like modern illustration meets tattoos. Loving the angles and “fake” colour brush strokes. Beautiful! PS one or two shots are a little NSFW.

More after the hop:

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Graf Image of the Day


My graf image of the day come courtesy of the one and only Angry Woebots, this one is super new as well. Sweet!

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Acid Flow


Here it is, my latest custom, in the form of a 7″ Munny entitled “Acid Flow”. This piece started out as some fun for myself, getting back to my roots in graffiti and letting it come out more heavily in my vinyl work. I was quite happy to be creating a toy with only myself to please, but I must admit I was even happier when it ended up selling before it was even finished! Drop me a comment with what you guys think :)

More pics after the Hop:

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New Banksy?


So normally a new piece drops from Banksy and within minutes the world is celebrating it, so I am not sure why exactly this piece seems to have a shroud of mystery over it. No one seems to be able to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s definitely his work. Either way this is a rad piece, what do you guys think, his? Or not?

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