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Are you in London? Then you are in luck, as Friday saw the opening of the Pandemonium show at the Signal Gallery. The show focuses on the king of the bears, the black and white favorite of the art world, the Panda Bear. Check out these awesome pieces from Russ Mills which will be in the show:

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Illustration Inspiration


Here is something to lift your Thursday a bit, some slick as balls illustration. Sweet stylisation, perfectly placed dashes of colour and pop culture refrences a plenty make these pieces from Meixco based artist Cesar Moreno.

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Flashing Lights


Tron meets the horse men of the appocolypse, that was my first thought, when seeing these works from Mateusz Sypien. Pretty trippy stuff, but very rad indeed.  The series is entitled “Death in Motion”.

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Not your Everyday Tattoo


I just got a new addition to my tat artist wish list… Peter Aurisch. Damn! How amazing is the guys stuff? It’s so nontraditional, a whole new style, like modern illustration meets tattoos. Loving the angles and “fake” colour brush strokes. Beautiful! PS one or two shots are a little NSFW.

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Illustration Tuesday (Possibly NSFW)


I’ll be honest being back at work on this cold Tuesday morning after the long weekend, has me down something brutal. So what better way to pick yourself up and get inspired with some fantastic illustration. These pieces are from Jace Wallace, the vibrant, playfull nature is just what I was looking for to get things rolling this week. Enjoy (oh and possibly a little NSFW).

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Acid Flow


Here it is, my latest custom, in the form of a 7″ Munny entitled “Acid Flow”. This piece started out as some fun for myself, getting back to my roots in graffiti and letting it come out more heavily in my vinyl work. I was quite happy to be creating a toy with only myself to please, but I must admit I was even happier when it ended up selling before it was even finished! Drop me a comment with what you guys think :)

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Now I am not one for posting ads on this site, but the animation for this short which pays homage to Hunter S. Thompson and Franz Kafka is just too amazingly brilliant to let it slide. By FAR my favourite animated piece of work this year.

West Coast Flavour


I am a fan of this style, so no doubt why the work of Mike Giant is so appealing to me. Those fresh clean lines, tattoo inspirtaion, chicano lettering and fine ladies. Then take a step back and learn that these are all created with Sharpies and inks, awesome.

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Kronk & The Given


So this Sunday master of all things vinyl Kronk will be hosting a Custom Toy Making Workshop at the South African Design Indaba, but whats even more awesome, is that I have been invited to give him a hand. Mind Blown? Most Certainly! Come and check us out yo!

WIN With The Given!


To Celebrate the launch of my new Series, I have decided to do a little give away. The winner will recieve the very first edition of my new print, signed and numbered. All you need to do is follow me on twitter @givencollective and then tweet the following “Im Gonna Win the First Pistola De La Muerte Print from @givencollective #PistolaWinning” I will do the draw when I hit 400 followers as an added bonus if we get to 450 before month end I will give away a second print as well.

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