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Rise Up!


Banksy’s influence seems to be growing and is clearly evident in this piece by Priest. Having said that it doesn’t subtract from the brilliance at all. Great piece. Let’s burn this shit down!

We have a Winner…


So the time has come and a winner has been selected
in our win a Tee competition.
Congratulations to Martin Du Preez,
we will be contacting you shortly regarding your prize! This was the first of many competitions to come, so keep coming back for more :) Happy Monday!

A little Something Cool


I am absolutely swamped at work lately so here is a little something something to hold y’all over ;)

Just Something Awesome!


WK goes big in New York


Ah the things I would do to be back in NY. Best I can do is check out its latest Graffiti, this time from WK Interact.

Click through for a detail Shot:

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Recycled Skatedecks - Brilliant!


Using Old Skate Decks for art and as canvases has been around for almost as long as the sport. However this is something completely new. Its fresh and clever, but most of all it looks fantastic! The exhibition is called Harvest by Hiroshi and is currently running in Tokyo until the 27th if you are in that half of the world (I wish).

More after the Hop:

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Tile Graffiti


Old School Video Game Style - Check, Old School Technique - Check,
Rad art - Check

Local Artist Profile: Tahier Variawa


So here is it the first in our local artist profiles, want a little fame and exposure for yourself? Then email us a
Tahier Variawa is a talented designer/artist out of Cape Town who specialises in comercial vector artworks. You can check out some info and more of his art after the hop.
My personal favourite is ol JZ!

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If you’re Bored, Like Beer and You’re a Geek….


Then join in my delight for these Dharma Initiative Beers Labels!
Download from here

Epic Image of the Day


This is like Unicorns fornicating on a pile of bacon under a Rainbow ~ EPIC!
Gnarls Barkley as Donnie Darko and Frank.

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